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TheraisaK.com is the online home of Theraisa K. Fleig and Scott Thompson. Theraisa is a freelance Graphic Designer who has recently taken an interest in "Crafting", while Scott is a budding Woodworker. Together they handcraft and create one-of-a-kind pieces perfect for holidays, gifts and home decor as well affordable logos, designs and illustrations for all your personal and small business needs. To discover more, please...

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Scott's Woodworking at TheraisaK.comIllustration and Design at TheraisaK.comArts and Crafts at TheraisaK.com

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We are located in Eagle Place within beautiful Brantford, Ontario, Canada


Hours of Operation:

Our home office/studio is open by appointment only and yes we are open during holidays!

  1. Graphic Design: Monday - Friday, 9am - 3pm
  2. Woodworking: As available, Monday - Friday, 3pm - 9pm
  3. Crafting: As needed

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Form not working? Email us at theraisak@theraisak.com